For over 12 years, IntelliGym has been the leading software platform used by thousands of athletes all over the world to stay in peak mental shape and train the soccer brain. Whether it’s at world-class clubs, local academies or in the comfort of one’s home, the IntelliGym platform was built to be a companion training tool that works on skills outside of on-field practice, physical workouts and team meetings.

Improving “decision-making skills” in game situations is a key feature of IntelliGym. The laptop-focused training brings the player through a variety of challenging exercises to maximize situations that, along with repetitive learning, trains an athlete’s brain so they’re better prepared for their return to the field. Scientifically-verified software develops skills such as game transitioning, focus, on-field positioning, peripheral vision, movement anticipation and decision-making under pressure.

The convenience of the Soccer IntelliGym is that the player can train at their own pace and remotely on any laptop or PC. The player is actually encouraged to follow guidelines of only two sessions per week so they don’t experience mental fatigue. The IntelliGym software tracks progress and performance that can be shared with anyone at home or virtually to coaches. Training statistics from multiple players per team can also be shared on a leaderboard to help drive motivation and competition.

Athletes frequently refer to the IntelliGym as “sports home schooling.” Train in the kitchen, on the couch, at your desk – really, anywhere you use your laptop. Work on brain skills and continue to improve week-by-week. Set goals for each 30-minute training session. Track your progress and share it with friends. The average Soccer IntelliGym athlete starts seeing results within six weeks. Continued soccer IQ training will increase cognitive skills even more with many athletes experiencing improvements by 30 percent with some approaching 40 percent improvements over time. Start training today!
The Soccer IntelliGym Benefits

On-field benefits

  • Read the game faster and react to plays quicker
  • Improved off-ball movement
  • Better and more accurate passing
  • Improved positioning and communication
  • Be faster in the transition game

Cognitive Benefits

  • Improved decision-making under pressure
  • Sharpened focus and improved situational awareness
  • Increased anticipation and faster reaction time
  • Better divided attention and working memory