A Revolution in Athletic Growth

A global platform for athletes’ cognitive sport development and training

The IntelliGym Method

IntelliGym training tools work to significantly improve athletic performance through customizable sports tasks that simulate elements of real gameplay. Athletes at all levels and of all ages can benefit from training in this virtual environment, outside of their normal routine. Players complete tasks that boost their: anticipation, concentration, spatial awareness, decision-making, and adaptability. By enhancing cognitive performance for athletes around the world, we intend to help athletes react better in real-time and ultimately play safer and smarter.

The Basis of the Cognitive Development Platform

IntelliGym’s patented technology is based originally on simulations developed for Israeli Air Force pilots in research conducted by Professor Daniel Gopher of the Technion University in Israel. His study showed significant improvement in the performance of trainees who went through a specialized computer simulation when compared to a control group.

The IntelliGym is based on the notion of “Low Fidelity Simulation”: where the computer-based game or task stimulates the same cognitive skills needed for the sport but without the visual resemblance. The player then learns how to develop effective decision-making capabilities, awareness, and expectation, making meaningful choices with respect to game-time performance.

Values and the Future

The future of sports is one that prioritizes the ‘smart’ athlete. For this reason, we intend to bring cognitive training and development to all sports. We believe in the values of teamwork, cooperation, training, communication, and performance, and we see Intelligym as a cornerstone for the athletic development of these skills.

We will continue to push the boundaries of athletic performance and expand into more sports and eSports by releasing new Intelligyms that answer the needs of athletes around the world.