By Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director, 2/2020

Manipulating the gap, creating deception and changing shooting angles are all areas that we have discussed in previous editions of Video Coach.
We look at all three concepts as well as the technical ability to ‘underhandle’ the puck to create a scoring opportunity.

  • TBL91 receives the puck at the offensive blueline and enters the zone
  • As he drives wide, he kicks the puck back to the middle of the ice to TBL21, who has just entered the zone
  • TBL21 has a large gap between himself and defender PHI9 – the gap is so big that you can only see his stick in this frame

  • TBL21 drives towards the net with speed and this reduces the size of the gap between himself and the defender
  • Usually, it is the defender that wants to control the gap but in this case, TBL21 controls the gap with his speed and then sets up to take a slap shot using the defender as a screen

  • The shot was a deception and serves as the ‘set-up move’
  • The fake shot forces the defender to bring his legs together and freezes him as he prepares to block the shot
  • On the downswing of the shot, in one fluid motion, TBL21 pushes the puck on his forehand away from his body
  • His top-hand comes off his body and the bottom-hand drops
    This is the ‘pay-off’ move

  • TBL21 has now completely changed the shooting angle and opened up the shooting lane
  • PHI9, who had a comfortable and controlled gap, is now out of position and lunges to get back in the shooting lane

  • From this angle, you can see PHI9 set up in the shooting lane and TBL21 is not a threat to attack the net
  • TBL21 is reading the body position and reaction by the defender…
  • Set-up move…