Improve your decision-making, positioning and performance by training with the IntelliGym platform

Research-Based & Scientifically Proven

Developed using cognitive research and proven in studies with elite teams and universities plus backed by multiple U.S. and International patents

Challenging, Fun, and Rewarding

Uses artificial intelligence to learn from and challenge you, creating a competitive and rewarding experience

Improve Your Game Intelligence

The Soccer IntelliGym

Our software adapts to individual skill levels

The Hockey IntelliGym

The key to winning is in your head. The IntelliGym platform uses breakthrough technology to enhance cognitive development, proven to improve performance and trusted by over 50,000 athletes.

Make this a breakthrough year and take your game to the next level by using the IntelliGym platform. See the first results within 6 weeks!

Consistent training helps young athletes improve their awareness, anticipation, decision making, concentration, and execution, which in turn improves their performance and reduces their chances of injury.

The Soccer IntelliGym

  • Improve multiple skills by 30%

  • Increase important Soccer Intelligence

  • Make better in-game decisions

  • Read the game faster

  • Reduce injuries

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The Hockey IntelliGym

  • Improve on-ice skills by 30%

  • Enhance important Hockey Sense

  • Make better in-game decisions

  • Increase awareness and anticipation

  • Reduce injuries

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What Coaches, Parents and Players Are Saying

Speed is the top priority in today’s game. In order to play with pace, you also have to think quickly and anticipate the next sequence of events. While it’s obvious where to go to work on your physical tools, IntelliGym can help with the cognitive part.

John Wroblewski, NTDP Head Coach

Our club’s philosophy is to keep the ball under pressure while looking for the earliest opportunity to go forward. The Soccer IntelliGym is the perfect compliment to the vision training I do with my team and the players are excited about the potential to make better, quicker decisions under pressure.

I enjoy my IntelliGym sessions and I appreciate its application to decision making on the ice. I would recommend this program to players who want to think the game better and faster. It’s like a workout for your hockey mind.

Game intelligence is one of the most important skills for playing at the top level. I’m glad I had the chance to use the IntelliGym to hone my soccer intelligence

I believe that without the IntelliGym my son’s hockey sense and on ice awareness would not be where it is today, and he would not be getting the attention of the coaches at the next level.

Scott Adams, IntelliGym Parent

We’ve seen real gains with my daughter since the beginning. She’s seeing the field better, has much better awareness. She just seems to know where players should be and it’s improved her positioning too.

Charles Chongo, IntelliGym Parent


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Improve Your Game Intelligence

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